Layapriya-school of music & dance is a reputed institute of highly trained and experienced professionals who have adjoined together to provide satisfaction with impressive results and time management. We work to get things right, beyond expectation which is a result of experience and expertise.
Layapriya-school of music & dance was founded about 36 years back. We have proved our excellence in classical dance through a series of stage performances all over India. We serve as a common platform for the professional artistes to share their knowledge and experiences of ancient dance art forms for grooming dancers of the future.
Our vision of dance is the revival of Indian Tradition, at the same time We want dance to be relevant and as well as accessible to contemporary audiences. It should convey the essential message, we should be meaningful and useful for the contemporary World. 
Our mission is to unveil the hidden talents & nurture them to become performer dancers. We believe in tradition, similarly we would like to synchronise it with the modern, making the art form of dance the medium of expression. Dance being a medium of communication, We are at nourishing the hidden talent in the budding dancers while making them more communicative towards the society.